Psoriasis is a painful skin condition that can develop at any time in your life. Generally speaking, psoriasis presents on the elbows, knees, chest, and back as a rash with dry, scaly or silver-looking patches. There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are some incredibly effective treatments such as XTRAC™ laser treatments that can help to manage the condition.

How do XTRAC™ laser treatments work?
The first step in your XTRAC™ laser treatment is a physical examination of the affected area to determine how many treatments you’ll need to reduce your psoriasis. Laser treatments use the same principles as phototherapy, but are much more precise in application and with much quicker results. By using a highly-concentrated form of ultraviolet rays, the treatment is usually done two to three times a week with at least 48 hours in between each session.

Here at Family Dermatology of North Florida, we conveniently administer and apply the ultraviolet rays to the affected areas in our office. These treatments last for roughly one hour and are not painful nor do they require any recovery time before getting back to work or your daily activities.

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