For many people, having contact dermatitis can be a very frustrating journey, because most allergies are not easily identifiable. Contact dermatitis is when you come into contact with an allergen that causes small bumps or a rash to appear on your skin. To accurately diagnose allergens, patch testing is the best process to detect different substances that cause you to experience allergic reactions like inflammation and redness.

How does allergy patch testing work?
As the name indicates, patch testing works to identify what may be causing your dermatitis by placing a number of small circular labeled patches on your back. Each of these patches has a different substance on it to test your allergic reaction.

In using patch testing to identify your allergies, we can avoid needle prick testing which irritates some patients. It is important to note that patch testing does not work for allergens that cause hives or food allergies. The allergen substances applied to the patch test are tailored to you, and allergic reactions usually appear two to three days after using the allergen patches.

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